The Legend of the Fea

Legend says that in the middle of the 19th century a noblewoman of a vast culture and exotic beauty not at all common at the time lived in the area.

She lived in her castle surrounded by books and teachers. Her taste for literature, the arts, mathematics, philosophy or science kept her away from the activities to which the nobles of her time were accustomed.

Aprender a bordar, o prepararse para casarse y ser madre, no estaba dentro de sus planes. Ella prefería montar a caballo, recoger hojas para sus colecciones de botánica, o estudiar a los clásicos.

Her beauty also did not comply with the canons of the time and soon they began to run rumors and gossip and a nickname that would accompany her all her life La Fea.


Este vino está inspirado en ella, en La Fea, y en todas esas grandes personas que se salen del camino establecido, rompen las normas y luchan contra corriente para seguir su propio destino.

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